Bring back all students to your classrooms safely

using the only system that intelligently manages & analyzes their attendance. 

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What we do?

We engineered a one of its kind system that assigns socially distanced classroom seats to students, allowing the administration to trace and control attendance at any scale. Deep analytics provide unique opportunities to understand attendance trends at course/classroom, college and campus level.  

Back2Classroom.app is a proud member of AWS EdStart and is available on AWS Marketplace. Contact us to schedule a demo and you will be amazed


How does it work?


1. Data Ingestion

You feed into your secure AWS account, the student registrations per course, classroom capacities, and your academic calendar, like you currently do for your 3rd party learning management system.  


2. Assign Students

Our algorithms, based on your configurable policy (cohort or flexible) either assigns students to classrooms in a fair way or allows them to request attendance on the dates they prefer. 


3. Update dashboard

Student & instructor B2CR

apps are updated with upcoming lectures, invite status, mode of learning, classrooms to go to.

Students can cancel their attendance and waitlisted students can take their place. 


4. Record of physical presence

Invited students scan a dynamic QR code or enter the dynamic PIN projected by the instructor during class using their back2classroom app.  Remote students do the same over Zoom or Webex. The system consolidates attendance. 


5. Campus-scale Attendance Intelligence 

The educational institution administration gets complete visibility on attendance down to individual section, date and student level. They can understand location utilization, and correlate attendance and academic performance.


6. Contact tracing

In the case of a COVID-19 positive incident, our system provides to the administration the list of affected students and can set their status to remote attendance only until a negative test result is obtained.




Equal opportunity

Every student gets an equal opportunity to come to class. We automate the allocation respecting the reduce classroom capacity limits.


Configurable policy

Configure the system to do Cohort or Flexible assignments. Increase or decrease the in-person capacity of each location based on new guidelines by the administration.


Remote + In-Person

Students can select their preferred mode of education i.e. Remote or In-person.


Space Management

Managing as well as providing Insights on the utilization of university resources (classrooms, libraries, clubhouses, seminar halls, study spaces)


Contact tracing

One-click Contact Tracing, to help find out which students/ faculty/ staff needs to be warned or quarantined to ensure your campus safety. 


Login with Ease

Institutions using Google/ Microsoft* educational suites can login into our system with existing accounts.



Monthly customized subscription

Yearly Customized Contract

2-year Discounted Contract

All plans provide platform access for unlimited students and courses


Available on AWS Marketplace, Easy Adoption for AWS Customers

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